LDWA Notices:

That the Board of
Directors of the Lake
Durango Water
Authority shall hold
regular meetings on
the 3rd Thursday of
each month at
5:15 p.m. at the Lake
Durango Water Authority
office located at 667 South
Lakeside Drive, Hesperus, CO.
In the event that the office
is inaccessible due to weather
or construction the meetings
will be held at the office of
Durango West 1, 119 Holly
Hock Trail, Durango,


Copyright 2016 LDWA

Electronic Payment Options

Lake Durango Water Authority now offers two different forms of electronic payments, eBilling or auto bank drafts. Below are the instructions for each process:


1) eBilling: This option will allow you to have your bills emailed to you and then have the ability to pay it online with a credit card through our billing program processor. You will need your account's PIN number to sign up, which you can find on the top of your paper bill or can call the office to receive. After every billing period, you will be delivered an email alerting you that you have a new bill. You can then log on to our website, click the red "Make an ePayment" button and pay with a credit card online (a small processing fee of 3% + $.35 is charged.) At this time, we don't have a credit card machine in the office to process payments over the phone, therefore paying online is the only option for credit cards.


Click on the button below to sign up for eBilling.

Make an ePayment


To ensure you receive the email notifying you of new bills, make sure you add the email [email protected] to your email's safe sender list. If you are having problems making a payment, please use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer when logging into your eBill account.


2) AllPaid Credit Card Payment: This option allows you to pay your bill online with a credit card without having to sign up for eBill. You will need to have your billing information including the account number, current amount due and the billing address to make the payment. If unsure of any of this information, you can call the office at 970-247-4062.


Click on the link below to pay by credit card on AllPaid.


Pay With Credit Card


3) Auto Bank Draft: This option will allow you to automatically pay your bill from a bank account of your choosing. After completing the form, you can fax it or mail it to our office (info on Billing Questions page). Depending on your account's billing period, your bank account is drafted the same day or following business day each month. For example, the billing period on the 1st (10/1/16 - 11/1/16) is drafted on the 20th of the month (11/20/16). The billing period of the 15th (10/15/16 - 11/15/16) is drafted on the 5th of the month (12/05/16).


Click the link to download the form.

Auto Bank Draft


If you have any other questions or need help, please feel free to call the billing department at 970-247-4062.